Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all. May this coming year bring you many blessings, prosperity and health. I have been so busy this past year and have neglected all my friends and acquaintances. I have been eliminating my ecrater stores as they were just not going anywhere. I am still eliminating as I have hundreds of items to move over to my new stores.

I now am back with eBay and am loving it more and more everyday. They really have changed to the good, good for the buyer and good for the seller. I also have re-opened my old Bonanza store, which is still a loser in my eyes at this time but it makes for a great storage place and keeps my items where I can find them, if I ever sell anything there it would be a plus for me.

My etsy store has slowed down some but it was my own fault as I was giving eBay all my attention. This new year I will devote equally to all my stores.
Come and visit me and if you see anything that would enhance my stores do critique me in a loving way. Here are my store's url:
I sell a lot of vintage clothing on both eBay & etsy as well as newer items for both men & women, also other items such as: toys, men clothing, kids clothing, home collectibles & more to come! On Bonanza right now its mostly magazines, some women clothing and more to come also. So enjoy you New Year and come and give me a shout!

Back Street Style
Out Of The Attic 2U
Out Of The Attic 4U

Monday, May 20, 2013

Duck Duck Goose

This week's Scavenger Hunt is about the Duck. Now it can mean ducks as in birds, or duck, something is gonna hit you, or who knows what else?.  Do you remember that game of Duck, Duck, Goose? Silly wasn't it? But then again when you are a kid, nothing is really silly!

I do happen to have a pair of Duck Bookends which are neat and different. They are vintage and made in Japan. Great for the reader and hunter and as a collectible to gather dust on your shelf :) Well lets face it, collectibles are the best dust collectors I know, they attract dust like a magnet, 

I am off the subject, back to the duck bookends, they do make a great Father's Day gift also!
Come and visit me at Katzzs Kloset for other great collectibles!

Enesco Mallard Duck Pair Bookends Foil Label  Vintage Made in Japan

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Gift

Well this week's Scavenger Hunt ia about "GIFT", now who in their right mind would refuse such a gift? I love gifts, and I love to give give gifts. Of course the best gift giver there is is Jesus, He gave His life for us, His gift offering so that we may live and be with Him forever more! That is the best gift there is.

Now for the next to best gift are the collectibles we so cherish. Here at Bargain Express are these cool glasses in an awesome color. Vintage Colonial Blue Stemmed Glasses Goblets Kings Crown Thumbprint Set. She has many lovely collectibles to give as gifts to your family or friends, hey even for yourself!

Vintage Colonial Blue Stemmed Glasses Goblets Kings Crown Thumbprint Set of 3

You can also find many good sellers here at Online Sellers for gifts, clothing, toys and more!

Katzzs Kloset signing out till next week's Scavenger Hunt!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Puppy Love

This weeks Scavenger Hunt is all about Puppy. Now I don't have a puppy myself, but I do sell some. Of course these puppies are quiet, don't bark, bite or make messes. They sit still, don't make any noises and are cute to show to your friends and families.

At Katzzs Kloset you will find a few puppies that are collectible and fun! I love my Poodle Planter! Not only is he quiet but he will also serve a purpose.

Nancy Pew White Poodle Dog Vintage Japan Planter w/ Bell-shaped Label

At Nancy's Doll Closet she has the cutest hot dog slinky that also doesn't bark, but because he's a slinky he will move somewhat. Check out her store for other goodies that have to do with American Girl Dolls


Come and visit us both for all your collectibles