Monday, April 22, 2013

Its Raining Violets

Just got back from vacation and as I was traveling on the roads, I noticed beautiful flowers arrayed all over in the many states we traveled to get to Florida. Of course the purples, violets, lavenders all stood out to me as I love that color. Right now where I live it is still cold and no leaves on my trees or anyone else's for that matter. Hoping soon for color here other than brown or white.

Well as I was looking thru my stores I wanted to find something that would represent the color violet for our Scavenger Hunt this week and at Cutsie Kids I have this adorable girl's dress with purple grapes! 

Now that I am back from vacation I have so much to do here. I will need another vacation and that is a good thing! Check out our blogs here! I Posted (Scavenger Hunt)

Toddler's Purple Grapes Dress

Toddler Girls Grape Design Polished Cotton Dress Purple and Green Size 2T Ruffled Trim