Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Aftermath

Still with the same theme this Friday from the Scavenger Hunt titled Thanksgiving. Now that its over it was a blessed day being with family and friends. We celebrated with friends which we call our family. All our kids are all over the country so we enjoy our friends who adopted us and we adopted them. Its a great feeling knowing that even though your kids and families are elsewhere you still have someone to celebrate with.

So in going with the theme I choose this sweet little Precious Moments Figurine who is worshiping the Lord, and its because we are so thankful for receiving us as His little children. I love these sweet figurines as they are so refreshing, so stop by Le Petit Marché and check out what else she has to offer.

Precious Moments - Worship the Lord - 1985

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is just a few days off and I must say I have so many things to be thankful for. There is not enough hours in the day to list them all. I will list the most important one for me is God in my life. I am so thankful He saved me and my husband and most of our kids, some are still on the wide path but we know that in the end they will receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. And yes I am thankful for my husband, children and grand-kids  but I must stop here cause I can go on and on. Just living another day is much to be thankful for.

This week for our Scavenger Hunt theme is "Thanksgiving" and to add to the blessings of the day I have this set of cute Bears (Pilgrims) salt and pepper shakers. You can find them and more cuteable stuff at my Katzzs Kloset Store.

I want to wish all a very blessed day, giving thanks and celebrating this wonderful day with your families and friends. Now save me some leftovers, cause where I go for Thanksgiving we are many adults and mucho kids, so there isn't any leftovers. Lol.

Enesco Thanksgiving Pilgrim Bears Salt and Pepper Shakers Holidays 1997

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

No Arrows Here!

A little late in my Scavenger Hunt, but here I am. The theme is an Arrow. Now I have nothing that depicts an arrow but I do have a lovely Indian girl doll head. Now she is sweet and does not play with arrows like her brothers would. She is for crafting an air freshener cover for all you who like to make crafts. Great for stocking stuffer as well. You can find her here.

Native American Indian Doll Head

Of course I do have other great collectibles so please browse and if you have questions just contact me! 

Native American Indian Doll Head Air Freshener 1992 Fibre Craft 53/4 inches New in Package

Friday, November 9, 2012

Sirocco's Clowns

A continuation of Clowns on our Scavenger Hunt on ESN whom I happened to choose Sirocco's Curios with his vintage pair of Avon  Pierrette Mime Clowns Cologne Perfume Bottles. If you are a collector of clowns and bottles well then these are just for you. 

There is no clowning around here folks, just a great seller to do business with. He will answer all your questions, so feel free to browse his store and see what else he has for all you wonderful collectors.

Avon Vintage Pierrette Mime Clowns Cologne Perfume Bottles

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Clowning Around

Today is Scavenger Hunt Monday, yes I am a day late and possibly a dollar short :-). Now the hunt is on for the clowns. I have a few of them and I really don't like clowns. They always scared me and I never thought they were funny. I think the only clown I admired was Emmit Kelly. His face was always sad and I could relate to that, cause I was always a serious child with a few smiles when I was growing up.
Okay enough of that, onto the clowning around, now that I always did, clowned around on friends and family, and yes I still do!

I have in my shop Katzzs Kloset two clowns, one is smiling and the other is so scarey, and I am not sure why I bought that one, possibly cause its a Lefton Clown and bought because of the name and that it is vintage. Of course I will never do that again :-)

No I am not putting that scarey clown on here, just the smiley one!