Monday, February 25, 2013


This is getting harder and harder here at ESN, my friend Wolfie decided for us to post on Friend. Well this is a little difficult because there are many who I call friend, and some acquaintances . So I decide to post about what I would buy for a friend. There are many gifts to buy for a friend, its just making sure its the right one for that particular friend. So this is what I would by for my fearless leader  so she can bake me a cake. Lol

Cabbage Rose Cake Pan

Nordic Ware Cabbage Rose Shape Cast Aluminum Bundt Mold Cake Pan or Jell-O Mold 10 Cups

So visit my store to see what you would buy for your friend at Katzzs Kloset

Friday, February 22, 2013

Office Why I Don't Know)

My friend Linda who is the head honcho over at ESN decide to use a theme "Office", now is this someone who is in charge like at the White House, or one who works in an office, or accessories for an office?  Because I am not sure which is which I am going to use her store to find something to use for an office as I know she doesn't work at the White House and she isn't a Senator, or any kind of Rep there. So I found this at her store Logitech Quick Scan and is most likely used in an office, I know I don't have one for my office as I don't want anyone to see since I work in my pj's and my hair is sticking out all over and of course no make-up. Of course that changes about an hour before the hubby comes home, I have to look pretty and presentable for him (lol). Here is a pretty picture of this product for you to gaze at, buy or just browse her store for something else if you are in the same situation as I am!

Eccentric Thrifter

Logitech QUICKCAM EXPRESS Web Cam 961461-0403 NIB with software

Monday, February 11, 2013

Snow-Sick Of It, Pretty But Ugly!

Our theme for this week is Snow. No I feel like rebelling cause I am so sick of it. Yes when it is melting away, here it comes back full force and then the ice. Drats why can't I be in Florida right now :(.
So what am I going to post about. I think not myself today but some other lucky person who has what I need to talk about.

Ah yes this reminds me of the ice when the sun is shining on it. This lovely dish is from Bargain Express store

Vintage Iridescent Clear Glass Candy Dish Bowl Small

Vintage Iridescent Clear Glass Candy Dish Bowl Small

And because I am in a good mood I want to add another item from another store since I was missing in action last week.

This is sweet, perfectly white Tee-shirt with some black lettering's which reminds me how the snow gets later on. Now the shirt not so, it is adorable for some happy young lady!
This lovely shirt is from

Youth size small I'm A Jersey Girl short sleeve white t shirt

Now do visit them both as they are great shop owners with great personalities and you will be well pleased with their service!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Heart Cakes

My buddy Eccentric Thrifter over on ESN which stands for Ecrater Stores Network has the niftiest Wilton Cake Heart Pan you ever want to see. They may be preowned but you can't find these anywhere.

Set of 2 Preowned aluminum Wilton Cake Pans

Large Wilton Cake Pan HEART 502-1298
MEASUREMENTS: 12 X 12 X 2 inches

Medium Wilton Cake Pan HEART 2105-5176
MEASUREMENTS: 9.75 X 9.75 X 2 inches

So now you can bake your heart off with this set of two pans.

Wilton Cake Pans HEART shaped 502-1298  2105-5176 Set of 2 Preowned 

heck out her store for other types of cake pans plus like her name says Eccentric and that is what you will find there!