Monday, December 24, 2012

Special Times

As Christmas approaches I am reflecting on times past with my family and friends. It seems like so many years ago that we use to have about 25 or so family and friends over for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The fun, the laughter, the gifts, the food, omg the food. We all must have gained 10 pounds in 2 days. As Italians we would make big feasts from soup to nuts. You start eating about 1 pm and you don't finish until 11pm on Christmas Day. 

Christmas Eve was at 7:30pm to the wee hours, cause then we would all sit around playing cards, or us kids playing games or possibly fighting :). It seems I am just about the only one left in this family of that era, yes we have our own kids and grandchildren but its different and its not the same. Everyone is either living in another state or they are busy with their own lives. No more gatherings, sitting around talking and laughing.

 So I now celebrate with a family from church since we became very good friends. They adopted us and we adopted them. We have mostly every holiday together and though we are much smaller about 13, we now share special times with them. This era or generation is so different from when I was growing up, you always spent the holidays with your family, and you never would be on an iPhone, laptop or whatever else these kids (and adults) have. 

Today you sit down to eat and the kids are texting and ignoring the conversation. It is a sad generation not to know or share with the family. But on a brighter note, I love my friends and their kids as well as they love ours.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Little Trees

This is the day we blog about another person's item on ESN and I chose Wolfie who just happens to have this cute and adorable Diaper Bag with Trees 

* Heavy cloth bag in light blue with embossed Pooh decor
* Outside side pocket with Velcro closure
* Zipper top
* 2 side mesh bottle pocketsto
* Wipe clean vinyl interior
* Adjustable nylon shoulder strap

Approx: 9 x 9 1/2 x 4

New with tags

Check out her other goodies here at Eccentric Thrifter 

Winnie the Pooh Diaper Bag Blue  Disney Baby Tags

Monday, December 17, 2012

Avon Christmas Trees

This weeks Scavenger Hunt is about Trees and I thought I would post about my Avon Christmas Plate from Katzzs Kloset with all the lovely Christmas Trees on it. I always loved real Christmas trees, the pine smell and how awesome they looked with all their fancy decorations. Christmas has more meaning for me than ever before since it was about the time that Jesus Christ was born.

The tree is part of God's creation, and that He made so many different species just blows my mind. The colors of the fir tress are so beautiful and each tree is unique. I have one fir tree in the front of my home and it is finally growing big. Its 8 years old now as we planted it when it was just a little fir-ling :). Next year it should be able to withstand some Christmas decorations.

Avon Christmas Collector�s Plate by Enoch Wedgwood England First Edition Vintage 1973

Friday, December 7, 2012

Sleepy Time Pajamas

Continuing with this weeks theme from ESN Is American Doll 18" Plaid Pj's from Nancey's Doll Closet Store. Now this is a sweet pair of pajamas's for your cute American Doll for your little girl at bedtime. It is done in a pink, white and black plaid with a pink plaid heart on a black top. Also makes for a cute stocking stuffer.


Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Well today's Scavenger Hunt is called Sleepy-time and who doesn't like their sleep. Sleep is refreshing to our bodies and helps in healing us. Without sleep we are irritable and get stressed out which causes us ailments. So I would say take comfort in sleep and go to bed early and wake up refreshed as the new day. Hard though isn't it.

Well here at Cutsie Kids I have some sleepy-time onsies for your baby or even doll. They are great also to wear as day outfits in the home or even outside.
I do have three so be sure to check them out.

Gerber Blue
Gerber Orange
Gerber Brown

They are mostly for baby boys because of the cars & trucks.
Do stop by and check out what else I have for sale.

Newborn Onesies Tee Shirt Gerber Baby Boy Pre-owned Brown One Truck Size 5-8 lbs 

Newborn Gerber Baby Boy Onesies Tee Shirt Pre-owned Orange w/ Two Trucks Size 5-8 lbs
Gerber Newborn Baby Boy Onsies Tee Shirt Pre-owned Blue w/ Truck Size 5-8 lbs