Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I want to wish all you moms out there a very blessed and special day today. I truely believe we have earned this special day since we do just about everything for the family. Of course we are little controllers and have to ruile the roost :0).

But in all reality we are the glue that adheres the family together. We go to work, we cook, we clean, we wash clothes, we tend to our children, we go to the stores, we pay the bills, we take the kids everywhere, we do it! Yes we complain at times but we still do it!

Today is a day to rest, relax and let the others in your family do it! Let them serve you with love and friendship. Be the Queen for the day and enjoy it for the day will be over soon and its back to the 24/7 work hours for the mom.
Happy Mother's Day

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