Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summertime! Will We Have One?

Yes I know its not officially summer yet but the way things are going here in PA I am not sure we are going to have one, well not a very hot one. Our days and nights so far have been cool which is a good thing and the sun is shining which is a good thing in this state where I live. Up in the mountains the sun shines about 180 days a year and believe me it is so true.

We did have a great winter, not much snow or ice (thank you God) but it was cold. I am hoping for some warm sunny weather to brighten my days now that I am not working anymore and I can actually see the sun and look outside for a change. The past year and a half I did not see anything being inside a huge warehouse and had no life. Well for now I will have a life and one of rest and of course working on my websites. I have so much to add to each of them. Yes I have a few but that's me I like the challenge.

I will be adding many new vintage collectibles to my stores and especially woman's fashions. I got hooked on vintage clothing and love them all, the clothes, the shoes, the handbags and even the costume jewelry. So look out for all my new old stuff coming in the future days, weeks and months.
My new stores for clothes are;
Out Of The Attic 2u
Retro Glitz

The ruby plaza store will be ending at the end of December 2012. They decided not to keep the Ruby Plaza stores anymore which is a shame as I really liked it there, so I will be moving all my fashions and accessories over to Retro Glitz by the end of Nov or the middle of Dec, not sure yet.
Well that's all she wrote for now more to come shortly!

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  1. I'm wondering the same thing about warm weather here in NC. It has been downright cold at night. Pool water is still cold and it is the middle of June. Cheers to retirement - the fun now begins!