Saturday, August 18, 2012

Putting On The Smile

Our theme for Friday at Ecrater Stores Network featuring Le Petit Marche. I find that this is a special time of the year as you celebrate the season with friends & loved ones. Its a time of giving and sharing. Now as I was meandering around I spotted these funny looking snowmen salt & pepper shakers which brings smiles to my face as I remembered as a young girl making snowmen.

Of course today "No Way" but if your looking for a smile wander on over and get yourself a smile, there are many to choose from. Of course come and stop by ESN for other merchants displays and join in the fun.

Snowmen Salt & Pepper Shakers


  1. The season always brings back memories for me too. I am with you that the shakers bring back memories of building snow men in the front yard and having snow fights with my friends and brother and sister. Watch out snow ball coming your way........

  2. Living in Georgia, I miss the days of snow ball fights and building snowmen. It would be something that I would love to see my grandchildren doing and something that would surely put a smile on my face. Great selection for an item.