Saturday, October 6, 2012

From Dots to Diamonds

Well a little late but here be I doing our Friday's scavenger hunt scene at ESN. I am featuring Eccentric Thrifter with her Faux Diamond Watch. I thought "Hey why not!".
Of course her dots are done in faux rhinestones and not the real thing, but just as beautiful. This baby features:
  • 1.25 inches wide gold-tone articulated stretch band
  •  Large 1.25 inch dial face with large numbers and second hand
  •  Watch face surrounded by faux diamonds.
  •  Stainless steel back
  •  Seiko-Japan quartz movement
And a brand new battery to boot!

Ladies EKO Gold-tone Bracelet Wrist Watch

So stop by and see what is happening at our Scavenger Hunt, come and join and be part of the fun!


  1. Nice post. Great pick for this week's theme.

  2. What a surprise! Thanks for featuring this cool watch for me!