Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Drive

Yep you guessed it. This week's Scavenger Hunt is for Labor Day and I found the perfect theme for me. I am gonna get in my sporting race car and leave town and maybe never come back. Well not really as I can't go too far in this. But it was a great dream and I am sharing it with you. This  is a great collectible item for the race car collector, he/she can save their money to buy tickets for the next race. What a great gift as it comes with it's original box too!
Bill Elliott Thunderbat Car Bank

Bill Elliott Thunderbat #94 McDonalds 1:24 Diecast Stock Car Replica Piggy Bank with Key 1995 in Box


  1. My grandson used to be an avid collector was he was younger, but now that he is 11 he thinks he is too old for such things. Love the bank. Great post.

  2. Cool post. Heading to the races sounds like a good Labor Day plan to me ;)