Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Well today's Scavenger Hunt is called Sleepy-time and who doesn't like their sleep. Sleep is refreshing to our bodies and helps in healing us. Without sleep we are irritable and get stressed out which causes us ailments. So I would say take comfort in sleep and go to bed early and wake up refreshed as the new day. Hard though isn't it.

Well here at Cutsie Kids I have some sleepy-time onsies for your baby or even doll. They are great also to wear as day outfits in the home or even outside.
I do have three so be sure to check them out.

Gerber Blue
Gerber Orange
Gerber Brown

They are mostly for baby boys because of the cars & trucks.
Do stop by and check out what else I have for sale.

Newborn Onesies Tee Shirt Gerber Baby Boy Pre-owned Brown One Truck Size 5-8 lbs 

Newborn Gerber Baby Boy Onesies Tee Shirt Pre-owned Orange w/ Two Trucks Size 5-8 lbs
Gerber Newborn Baby Boy Onsies Tee Shirt Pre-owned Blue w/ Truck Size 5-8 lbs


  1. Onsie are a perfect match our theme this week. Why didn't I think of that? Great job.

  2. Cute onesies and you're right, they are perfect sleep wear :)

  3. Very cute, Katzzs. These are perfect for little ones. I like the different colors. Great post. Thanks for sharing.