Monday, December 17, 2012

Avon Christmas Trees

This weeks Scavenger Hunt is about Trees and I thought I would post about my Avon Christmas Plate from Katzzs Kloset with all the lovely Christmas Trees on it. I always loved real Christmas trees, the pine smell and how awesome they looked with all their fancy decorations. Christmas has more meaning for me than ever before since it was about the time that Jesus Christ was born.

The tree is part of God's creation, and that He made so many different species just blows my mind. The colors of the fir tress are so beautiful and each tree is unique. I have one fir tree in the front of my home and it is finally growing big. Its 8 years old now as we planted it when it was just a little fir-ling :). Next year it should be able to withstand some Christmas decorations.

Avon Christmas Collector�s Plate by Enoch Wedgwood England First Edition Vintage 1973


  1. This was a perfect choice for the blogging theme. I loved your post and of course the plate as well. Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Haha, "fir-ling", love it! Good post and lovely plate too!

  3. Such a good choice for the trees theme. You really made me smile with "fir-ling". :)