Monday, January 14, 2013

Horse Mugs

Today's theme is for Horse at ESN. Well I happen to have a pair of steins or mugs with a horse on each one. They are of course vintage and made in Japan. Now I love horses but have not been on one since I fell off of one. My dear cousin asked me if I would like to ride on his gorgeous white horse and of course the small child that I was said yes with glee and laughter. Now he rode the horse bareback, so I sat on behind him holding on for dear life since it was my first time on a horse. 

He took off and decided to pick up some speed and needless to say I was getting a little scared. He slowed down some and did it again and we took off like lightening, now I was really frightened and started to cry and he just keep going and I felt myself slipping from my hold on him and before you know there I was flat on my back screaming and crying. He finally realized I wasn't there and came back for me. I was sorely bruized but not broken. 

Of course he called me a crybaby, made some fun and laughed. I hated him from that time on. Of course I don't hate him anymore but I did for a few years and never went to visit him and my aunt again for a long, long time. I still love horses but have not been on them since. Maybe someday!

Vintage Made in Japan Brown Glazed Horse Mug/Stein Coffee Cup Set 

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  1. I love these mugs. I am a horse lover and I think they are perfect for someone that loves horses. Loved your story. I used to ride, but have not since my last back injury. I started out when I was young. My awful experience involved my cousin. He decided to finally take me horseback riding to shut me up. We also rode bareback. But, he decided to make the horse rear up deliberately so I would fall into a cow's chip. It was not pleasant and of course I was the one that got into trouble.

  2. Great post Katzzs. The horse mugs are a perfect choice for the theme.

  3. The horse mugs are great and your story reminds me of my childhood. I had a great ride (silly pun inteneded!) but then I moved on to a more un-horselike life, sigh.... ;) Nice post!

  4. I really like the horse mugs, Katzz. I tried to ride bareback a few times and fell off almost every time. I always used a saddle after that.

  5. Delightful post and beautiful vintage mugs! (By the way - I adore your background♥)