Monday, January 28, 2013

Baking Hearts

Today's Scavenger Hunt is all about hearts. Since Valentine's Day will soon be upon us, why not think about baking your honey a heart made of chocolate smothered in chocolate whipped cream yummy in this vintage 1989 Vintage Wilton Six Mini Valentine’s Heart Cake Dessert Pan. Of course if you have a few honeys then this will really work out as there six cakes you can make, one for each of them.
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Wilton Six Mini ValentineĆ¢��s Heart Cake Dessert Pan 1989 Vintage


  1. Nice post and cute cake pan. Wouldn't know what to do with 6 honeys, let alone one! LOL

  2. Love your post. The cake pans are adorable. Six honeys, lol great!

  3. Great idea, except I want my honey to make me one - Sounds delicious!

  4. Love the cake pans, but 6 honey's. I find it hard to deal with just one. (though I don't have one.) Loved your post. I had to crack a smile on this one. The cake pans are cute as a button too.