Friday, July 27, 2012

Men's Pants & More!

Well I found the perfect item to go along with men';s pants for our weekly scavenger hunt on ESN. It is   this fabulous men's Trench Coat     by Newport Harbor and featured at 
Newport Harbor Career Apparel Trench Coat - Size 40L

Le Petit Marche's store at ecrater . Stop by her store and see all the collectibles and jewlry  plus more. You can tell her Barbara from Katzzs Kloset sent you.

Also why not stop by and visit us here at ESN all you sellers from ecrater and check us out. We only promote ecrater stores, have fun, and do our best to help one another!
And of course if there are any buyers out there we have plenty of collectibles for you to check out!


  1. Fantastic trench coat! Nice find :)

  2. Hey, I came across this trench coat too and just about blogged about it. Nice coat!

  3. Great post. Love the item you picked out. I don't see these in my neck of the woods.

  4. Thanks Katzz for featuring the coat! Wish I didn't time stamp my stuff back then. It is a work in progress getting all those stamps off....