Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving Aftermath

Still with the same theme this Friday from the Scavenger Hunt titled Thanksgiving. Now that its over it was a blessed day being with family and friends. We celebrated with friends which we call our family. All our kids are all over the country so we enjoy our friends who adopted us and we adopted them. Its a great feeling knowing that even though your kids and families are elsewhere you still have someone to celebrate with.

So in going with the theme I choose this sweet little Precious Moments Figurine who is worshiping the Lord, and its because we are so thankful for receiving us as His little children. I love these sweet figurines as they are so refreshing, so stop by Le Petit Marché and check out what else she has to offer.

Precious Moments - Worship the Lord - 1985

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  1. Thanks Katzzs for featuring my item, and a very nice tie in with the theme.