Sunday, February 3, 2013

Heart Cakes

My buddy Eccentric Thrifter over on ESN which stands for Ecrater Stores Network has the niftiest Wilton Cake Heart Pan you ever want to see. They may be preowned but you can't find these anywhere.

Set of 2 Preowned aluminum Wilton Cake Pans

Large Wilton Cake Pan HEART 502-1298
MEASUREMENTS: 12 X 12 X 2 inches

Medium Wilton Cake Pan HEART 2105-5176
MEASUREMENTS: 9.75 X 9.75 X 2 inches

So now you can bake your heart off with this set of two pans.

Wilton Cake Pans HEART shaped 502-1298  2105-5176 Set of 2 Preowned 

heck out her store for other types of cake pans plus like her name says Eccentric and that is what you will find there!


  1. Thanks for sharing my pans! Love the play on words ;)

  2. Great selection for the blogging theme. These pans are great, but she has so many to choose from. I wish I had, had her inventory of pans when my children were little. I could have baked my heart out. Thanks for sharing.

  3. She does have some amazing Wilton cake pans and this set is an awesome choice :)