Friday, February 22, 2013

Office Why I Don't Know)

My friend Linda who is the head honcho over at ESN decide to use a theme "Office", now is this someone who is in charge like at the White House, or one who works in an office, or accessories for an office?  Because I am not sure which is which I am going to use her store to find something to use for an office as I know she doesn't work at the White House and she isn't a Senator, or any kind of Rep there. So I found this at her store Logitech Quick Scan and is most likely used in an office, I know I don't have one for my office as I don't want anyone to see since I work in my pj's and my hair is sticking out all over and of course no make-up. Of course that changes about an hour before the hubby comes home, I have to look pretty and presentable for him (lol). Here is a pretty picture of this product for you to gaze at, buy or just browse her store for something else if you are in the same situation as I am!

Eccentric Thrifter

Logitech QUICKCAM EXPRESS Web Cam 961461-0403 NIB with software

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  1. Head Honcho, huh?!~ I hope you're going to remember that next time I'm doing something stupid LoL! I just plunder along best I can, same as anyone else. Without you & the rest of our little posse I can't do anything anyway! (PS: thanks for featuring my item)!