Monday, February 25, 2013


This is getting harder and harder here at ESN, my friend Wolfie decided for us to post on Friend. Well this is a little difficult because there are many who I call friend, and some acquaintances . So I decide to post about what I would buy for a friend. There are many gifts to buy for a friend, its just making sure its the right one for that particular friend. So this is what I would by for my fearless leader  so she can bake me a cake. Lol

Cabbage Rose Cake Pan

Nordic Ware Cabbage Rose Shape Cast Aluminum Bundt Mold Cake Pan or Jell-O Mold 10 Cups

So visit my store to see what you would buy for your friend at Katzzs Kloset


  1. Haaaa - I had to laugh out loud! You come on down and we'll see about getting that cake put together! Do you like chocolate?

  2. What a neat cake pan, I think you should make chocolate with a green icing since it's a "cabbage" pan, hahaha! Perfect for St. Paddy's day too.