Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Movie Theme Garfield

This weeks theme is "Movies" on Ecrater Stores Network. Now I am not a movie goer and really haven't much to say about them. I stopped going about 26 years ago and boy did I save money too! To me the movies today are too graphic with much violence and sex, so I don't contribute my hard-earned money to them. I do know there are some good ones out there, but I just won't go as I have other things to do!

So now as to what movie am I going to blah blah about? None! I probably have some items that were used in a movie like a Garfield Wall Key Hanging Rack, no it wasn't used in a movie but he was the movie :0). Nope didn't see the movie but heard about, glad I saved my money. You are probably thinking by now "wow is she being negative or what?" Well its yes and no, I don't go to movies so I have nothing to say about them except that some are really bad! Well here is my Garfield at least he is cute and cheerful here, though he can be a bad kitty at times too!

Garfield Cat Wall Hanging Rack Key Holder Clay Art Label 4 Metal Hooks 1981

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  1. I had to laugh out loud... don't hold back, Sister! I actually agree with you. Haven't been in years & hate most of those on TV for the same reasons. But I love Garfield. Nice choice for the Movies theme!

  2. Too funny! I rarely go to movies, I just wait for them to come out on cable since I pay a bundle for that. Can't go wrong with Garfield, he is indeed cute!

  3. I go every once in a blue moon and take grandchildren with me when something exciting is showing. For the most part, I wait until it comes out on DVD and then hit Redbox for the latest new releases. I agree the movies are too expensive. When we go, we go to the matinee and try to go to the one on Tuesday's. It is $1.50 day for drinks and popcorn. Love your honesty about the movies. I cannot blame you one bit. A lot of them are not worth watching.