Monday, March 25, 2013

Wearing Many Hats

So the theme for this week is "Hats" on Ecrater Stores Network, and I thought about myself on how many hats I wear; now I am not talking about the hats on your head but what I do in any given day. First I have 10 stores, I just downgraded to 10 had 13 before, 3 blogs, am connected to many ning sites and belong to many teams on Etsy. Now I do have to go there here and everywhere to get my products listed, promoted, chat, tweet, pin to Pinterest, to wanelo, to weheartit, to loveit, to, nah too tired to mention them all, but that is my daily life on the web. 

My social life and home life is a different story as I have a lot of hats there too!
So I thought I would show you from my store katzzs kloset! Now I don't have any hats here they are all at my etsy store but here is a cute Elephant Baby Boy Bank now how cute is this baseball cap! Of course I have a few other piggy banks with hats on but for lack of time I need to cut this short, yes this is another hat I am wearing, doing blogs at ESN in out famous Scavenger Hunt!

Baby Boy Still Elephant Coin Slot Piggy Bank w/  Baseball Cap


  1. You are one busy lady. There's no time to grow old these days! You just keep on keeping on! Great post!

  2. I got exhausted reading your post! LOL Love the piggy, adorable. And Wolfie is right, no time to grow old these days, ain't it the truth??!!