Wednesday, November 14, 2012

No Arrows Here!

A little late in my Scavenger Hunt, but here I am. The theme is an Arrow. Now I have nothing that depicts an arrow but I do have a lovely Indian girl doll head. Now she is sweet and does not play with arrows like her brothers would. She is for crafting an air freshener cover for all you who like to make crafts. Great for stocking stuffer as well. You can find her here.

Native American Indian Doll Head

Of course I do have other great collectibles so please browse and if you have questions just contact me! 

Native American Indian Doll Head Air Freshener 1992 Fibre Craft 53/4 inches New in Package


  1. Nice post! I like the theme connection with the Indian girl.

  2. Your doll head worked beautifully into the arrow theme! Nice post!