Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Clowning Around

Today is Scavenger Hunt Monday, yes I am a day late and possibly a dollar short :-). Now the hunt is on for the clowns. I have a few of them and I really don't like clowns. They always scared me and I never thought they were funny. I think the only clown I admired was Emmit Kelly. His face was always sad and I could relate to that, cause I was always a serious child with a few smiles when I was growing up.
Okay enough of that, onto the clowning around, now that I always did, clowned around on friends and family, and yes I still do!

I have in my shop Katzzs Kloset two clowns, one is smiling and the other is so scarey, and I am not sure why I bought that one, possibly cause its a Lefton Clown and bought because of the name and that it is vintage. Of course I will never do that again :-)

No I am not putting that scarey clown on here, just the smiley one!


  1. Great post, you always struck me as the clowning around type! LOL. Although this little guy is smiling, he still kinda looks scary to me!

  2. So,I am not the only one who is not fond of clowns.lol

  3. I never really cared for clowns either. My grandson is terrified of them. I guess they do not bring as much happiness as they are suppose to. Loved your post and can tell you are the clowning around type.