Friday, November 9, 2012

Sirocco's Clowns

A continuation of Clowns on our Scavenger Hunt on ESN whom I happened to choose Sirocco's Curios with his vintage pair of Avon  Pierrette Mime Clowns Cologne Perfume Bottles. If you are a collector of clowns and bottles well then these are just for you. 

There is no clowning around here folks, just a great seller to do business with. He will answer all your questions, so feel free to browse his store and see what else he has for all you wonderful collectors.

Avon Vintage Pierrette Mime Clowns Cologne Perfume Bottles


  1. Nice post. Love these little guys!

  2. Now, these guys are cute! Great post!

  3. Nice post and a great item you selected to be featured. These really cute.

  4. Thank you for finding these little clowns in my store and posting about them. Your post is nicely done.